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New batch of wagons

We are pleased to announce that at the end of 2018, our company accepted the latest grain carriers in the amount of 200 units!

A new generation hopper car model 19-9549 is equipped with a chassis with an axial load of 25 tf. The wagon body capacity increased up to 120 m³ guarantees the efficient transportation of lightweight grain products of a wide range. The hopper car is fully compatible with the existing infrastructure and can be operated on all types of loading and unloading terminals. The increased body volume makes it possible to transport all grain cargoes using the full load capacity of the car. This allows you to get the maximum economic effect on the car. The car has an optimal ratio of the angles of inclination of the unloading walls of the bunkers and the end walls for complete unloading.

Developer: LLC All-Union Scientific Research Center for Transport Technologies. Manufacturer: Joint Stock Company “Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant”.